Our designs are expertly crafted with the best materials on market. We’re serious about quality, and have spent years testing different materials and their capabilities to get to where we are today. Time, money and years of artistic expertise go into every piece.

Porcelain is the main ingredient of our pieces. British culture has long history of best porcelain and we trust our suppliers it’s the best possible option on the market nowadays. Porcelain is one of classic materials, loved by artists, collectors and the ones who value real beauty. It requires special equipment to make it stone hard and durable. We fire it as high as 1300°C. We source most of the materials we use in the creative process locally, and where possible, from independent sellers in UK. Reliability, purity and quality is and will always be our priority, and we ensure this by using only the very best materials.


Porcelain is the main ingredient in our pieces. It’s loved by everyone including artists and collectors who value its delicate beauty and durability.

As a UK brand, we’ve carved our own little path in Britain’s rich pottery culture. Once a global centre for pottery production, Britain is still recognised today for its top-quality porcelain.

Thanks to this, we trust our suppliers to provide us with the best clay the market has to offer. We fire our clay at a temperature of 1300°C so it becomes stone-hard and durable for everyday wear.


We use only non-toxic, modern glazes to colour our porcelain products. We love experimenting with vibrant colour combinations that allow us to create fun, playful pieces for all ages.

Chemical formulas have come a long way, and now most colours can be achieved without putting artists and customers at risk.

Our glazes won’t cause any adverse skin reactions – in fact, our glazes are even suitable for contact with food.


Metal lustres are a signature of most CJ·314 pieces. Lustres add shine and complement our vibrant glazes for a luxurious finish.

We use real, high-quality, precious metals like gold and platinum – never paint or artificial coatings. Adding a lustre is one of the final steps in the creative process, and we fire the metals at a temperature of around 800°C for maximum durability.

Because of this, our metal layers are not easy to remove, but do take extra care with our jewellery on hard surfaces and sharp objects. Just like any precious, natural material, metal lustres are sensitive and may scratch. If this happens, Don’t keep you jewelry near sharp objects. If visible damage is done it is possible to fix it. In this case we strongly recommend to contact us as the piece might require re-layering.


We know that when choosing jewellery, fit and comfortability are as important as aesthetics. Some people can develop allergic reactions to metals particularly alloys used for chains and clasps.

Here at CJ·314, the wearability of our art is as important to us as it is to you. Most of our jewellery fittings are made from hypo-allergenic sterling silver (with a few exceptions). We source all of our metal fittings from UK suppliers, so we can be sure of the quality upfront.

If you have any questions about our fittings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help.

All our metal materials are bought from UK shops.

LOX backs


All our stud earrings come paired with unique, hypo-allergenic LOX earring backs. These are the most secure-fitting backs we have ever come across.