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GIFT GUIDE: Tips for Choosing the Best Jewellery Gift

A great gift can be the most effective weapon you ever held in your hands. Clever gift giving can spark new relationships, mend broken ones and refuel those that are feeling a little worn. When you master the art of giving appropriately, you can build a career or create a new circle of friends. Just by knowing how to give.

Today, when this article was almost finished, my favourite coffee house gave me my skinny soy latte (extra foam, of course) for free! That £3 gift was proof that hit me straight in the face. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. But the right present, at just the right time, actually makes a little bit of magic.

3 Ways to Pick the Right Gift

If the value of the item you're giving isn't important, then you need to know what is. Follow my easy tips to learn how to give the right present.

1. Think about the person

Every single human being wants to matter and to be appreciated. We are creatures who need to know we are loved and understood. So when you want to find something memorable, think about the person. Try to remember details about them that you noticed. Consider their values and let that lead you in the right direction.

Personalised items carry extra value because the recipient knows it was chosen especially with them in mind. It shows that you spent some time and effort thinking about them. That in itself is highly satisfying.

It's easy to personalise some items with initials or a name. But you can customize other gifts in different ways. As a jewellery maker, I get many custom orders from people who want something unique that's tailor-made for a special person. For instance, someone recently asked for a new colour to match the shade of blue that her daughter is obsessed with. Last week, another customer requested a cat motif necklace in all white as a birthday present to match her cat-mad friend's moggie.

So think of personaliszation not only as stamped initials, but rather some special features.

Tooth necklace. Gift idea for dental hygienist

2. Price is not important

Remember how happy I was with my free coffee? Well, it reminded me of an early experience that is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Very early in life I learned that the expensive item doesn't equal an excellent gift. Long story short, I picked a really pricey stamp album for my BFF. She was happy enough and appreciated the thought. But when she unwrapped a handmade pot from another friend (not the BFF) I saw real delight in her face. Ouch!

Who knows—that trauma might have had a good outcome and led me to my career. After all, I did go on to specialise in ceramics later in life. But it also taught me a valuable lesson: People treasure what they value, and it's usually not the price tag.

3. Consider the context

Maybe you've heard about the wife who received a handy kitchen appliance for her wedding anniversary—and about the husband who was served divorce papers shortly after. If you love to cook, then kitchen gadgets are wonderful. But as a gift? You can do better.

Everyone appreciates a thoughtful and original present. But if being original is not your strong suit, then you will never go wrong by choosing one of the beautiful classics, like flowers, sweets or tickets to a favourite show.

Of course, Jewellery is the ultimate classic present.

For ideal giving, remember that it's the delightful things that no one needs but really wants that make a charming present. This holds true especially when you don't know the recipient very well.

Giving Jewellery as a Gift

Jewellery is one of the most popular choices when it comes to giving presents. So when you decide to pick a special necklace or pair of earrings to give, you know that it's a tried and true choice. After all, most women love jewellery but are generally not very generous when buying for themselves. That fact alone makes a piece of jewellery the perfect gift choice.

BUT this choice can be tricky one, too. It can be quite a hard task to pick something striking, as what makes a beautiful piece of jewellery comes down to a matter of personal taste. A person's favourite reveals a lot about them and choosing a great piece for them shows how deeply you know them.

Even a relatively small thing can be an enchanting gift if it's well suited to the recipient. To successfully gift jewellery, it must match the person's character and bring real joy. After all, jewellery has no other function except to be decorative.

How to Choose the Best Jewellery Gift

 Follow these steps to find perfect piece of jewellery to give as a present.

  • Function. Observe your recipient's preferences; some people wear bracelets, but no rings. Another might love earrings but is never seen wearing necklace. Realising what body part a person likes to accessorise is the first and most important step in choosing jewellery for them. Don't make the critical error of assuming that because they have no earrings, they must want some.
  • Style. Are you buying a present for a cashmere and pearls person or a black leather and skulls type? Maybe it's someone who like florals. Consider whether their style is minimal or a bit ornate. Perhaps they like vintage or kitsch? Think about their preferred colours and metals. Lots of people never wear gold. For others (like me) brass is a no-no. Check whether the recipient has any allergies—a non-precious metal allergy is very common.
  • Branding. Maybe you know already that the person you're gifting is a huge fan of a particular brand. That's a great clue that makes your job easy! If someone likes 70 per cent of a brand's products, most likely they'll love a piece you choose from there.
  • Flexibility. Give yourself some freedom for mistakes. Sometimes, even with the best efforts, you just didn’t choose right. Check with the shop whether it’s exchangeable items or returnable. If yes, what are the conditions. It removes any unnecessary stress from choosing a lovely gift. After all, giving about the things that should be all about good emotions and definitely not stress.
That's why CJ·314 has a generous and foolproof no-questions-asked returns policy.

    I'll finish this topic on a note that is simple and sentimental but true: for your nearest and dearest, no item you can buy will ever replace time spent together. That really is the greatest gift you can give.


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