Our Story

Here at CJ·314, we create magic.

We’re transforming perceptions of porcelain and bringing ceramics into the 21st century with our sophisticated, hand-made, one-of-a-kind treasures.

Piece by piece, we tap into the potential of clay to create fun and contemporary jewellery. We love nothing more than experimenting with colour and shape, drawing inspiration from playful figures that we all know and love.

To us, porcelain is so much more than what you find in grandma’s dinnerware cupboard. But that’s exactly where our story begins. When artist and founder Bea first got hold of some clay 30 years ago, she remembers developing an instant love for the raw material. She quickly adopted the nickname ‘the lady in mud’ for her new-found penchant for creating beautiful dishes and dinner bowls from scratch. After years spent refining her craft in the world of dinnerware, Bea was inspired by a customer to experiment with jewellery. Bowls soon disappeared from her life and CJ·314 was born a natural fusion of her two loves: jewellery and porcelain.

Today, CJ·314 proudly boasts an impressive collection of earrings and necklaces, handmade personally by Bea in her independent studio in Greenwich, London. Care and attention are poured into each piece, intricately sculpted from the highest-quality clay. Splashes of gold and platinum lustres add an element of luxury to our playful designs.

The whole creative process takes several weeks, from hand-crafting to building to testing our tiny pieces of art. Each piece undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee maximum durability and comfort, so you can love and enjoy your special piece forever.

All our pieces are made from scratch. If anyone saw the main desk at the beginning of the process they would recognize only some mud (actually porcelain) and some bullion (future fittings). It takes several weeks to turn it into small piece of art. All parts of jewellery are handcrafted and connected in London based jewellery studio.

Jewellery like a signature it should be personal and one-of-a-kind, because you deserve something as unique as you.

That’s why our pieces are so loved by customers. Even with our repeatable lines, the beauty of handmade jewellery is that no two pieces are exactly the same - plus, life is too short to repeat what’s already been done. With CJ·314, you can be sure that you’re purchasing a one-off piece of wearable art that you can treasure as your own for years to come.

Browse our collection to find out more about our products and how they’re made. We know that jewellery shopping is an intimate experience, so we also offer a personal consultation to help you find your perfect piece.

We hope our jewellery brings you the same amount of joy that making it brings to us!