New Cat Head Jewellery Earrings & Necklaces in stock

New Cat Head Jewellery Earrings & Necklaces in stock

Best news any Catlady in town can ever hear. We added some brand new models to our Cat Jewellery Collection. Some New Black Cat Jewellery Earrings, and colourful Cat Head Necklaces.

What's new?

Big Black Cat Stud Earrings

Black Cat Jewelry Earrings For Woman

Green Cat Head Necklace On The Cord

Green Cat Necklace On The Matching Cord

Candy Pink Cat Head Necklace

Pink Cat Jewelry Necklace. Gift Idea For Cat Lover



*CJ·314 designs are expertly crafted with the best materials on the market. We’re serious about quality, and have spent years testing different materials and their capabilities to get to where we are today. Time, money, and years of artistic expertise go into every piece.

Stay tuned for more of Cat Jewellery new releases - it's on the way.



Lots Of Love Bea
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